The Fight


VIOLETA AYALA & DANIEL FALLSHAW (Australia/Bolivia/Estados Unidos/Reino Unido)

People with disabilities are among the most discriminated in Bolivia. Fed up with being ignored, a group of them march 240 miles across the Andes to the seat of the government in La Paz, demanding to speak to President Evo Morales. They’re met with riot police, barricades, teargas and water cannons. Headed by determined leaders, including Rose Mery, Marcelo, Feliza and Miguel, the protesters camp on the streets, a block away from the government palace. For the first time in Bolivia’s history, police erect 3m-high barricades, station tanks and hundreds of riot officers to stop the protesters in wheelchairs from entering the plaza. After following the protestors’ march, the filmmakers are also intimidated and threatened. For months people with disabilities attempt to speak to the President but only face violence at the hands of the state. As public pressure grows, can the protestors win their fight?

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